Skinny coronation chicken

I love coronation chicken, but feel intense disregard for the fact that it is decidedly Rupsha-unfriendly. As such, I decided to make a change pertaining to this sub-optimal factuality. 



Cooked chicken breasts – 3, shredded
Mango – ¼, diced into 0.5-cm cubes
Juice of a half a lime
Balsamic vinegar − ½ teaspoon
Curry powder − a pinch
Coriander powder − ½ teaspoon
Cumin power − ½ teaspoon
Cinnamon powder − ⅓ teaspoon
Ground black pepper − 1 teaspoon
0% fat Greek yoghurt − 2 tablespoons
Low-sugar low-salt ketchup − 1 tablespoon
Sweet chilli sauce − 1 tablespoon
Salt − ⅓ teaspoon
Chilli powder − a pinch
Erythitol gold − ½ tablespoon (or substitute with Agave nectar/Maple syrup if not too worried about the carbs)
Sweet red/yellow pointy pepper – ⅓, diced into 0.5-cm cubes (optional)
Green pepper – ⅓, diced into 0.5-cm cubes (optional)
Cucumber – ⅓, diced into 0.5-cm cubes (optional)

Fresh coriander for garnishing (optional)

1. Whisk the yoghurt with all ingredients minus the chicken, making sure the taste is to your satisfaction.
2. Mix in the chicken, and garnish with coriander to serve if you wish!


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