No fat chicken and mushroom pâté

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Fancy a rich wintry pâté that hasn’t got oodles fat (or in fact, has no fat) in it, but still tastes rich and velvety? Here you go! 

Oyster mushrooms – 500 g, roughly chopped
Chicken – 4 legs, skin removed
Red cooking wine – a generous slosh
Onions – 3 large, chopped small
Cinnamon powder – ½ teaspoon
Nutmeg powder – ½ teaspoon
Sukrin – 3 tablespoons
Soya sauce – 1 tablespoon
Maggi stock cube – 1, crumbled
Dried thyme – 2 teaspoons
Ginger – 2 cm, minced
Coarsely ground black pepper – 1-2 teaspoons

Boil chicken legs in water containing ginger and salt. When fully cooked, remove the chicken from the bone and allow to cool.
2. Combine mushrooms, soya sauce and enough hot water to just cover the mushrooms, and soak for 30 minutes.
3. In a shallow frying pan, add onions, a little boiling water and the crumbled stock cube. When onions starts to brown, add in the red wine, Sukrin, mushrooms, cinnamon, nutmeg and thyme, and cook for 3 minutes. Turn off the heat and allow to cool.
4. Combine the mushroom and onion with the chicken, add coarsely ground black pepper and blend in a food processor.

Serve with bread or any raw vegetable. Or in my case, Eiweiß Brot (this is a low-carb, low-fat, high-protein bread, made with egg white and pea protein, and so far I have only found it in Germany).


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